Involvement at eye level, instead of repression of established structueres!

Resolution of the initiative „Rostock hilft“:
The hanseatic city of Rostock has decided today to repress the established structure of volunteers of the initiative „Rostock hilft“ of its current self-organized fields of functions. #hrohilft has NOT dissolved. #hrohilft experiences the present situation as an aggressive takeover of the City of Rostock, neither acting in the sense of the refugees nor of the countless volunteers. #hrohilft assumes that the city will and cannot fulfil the tasks appropriately and in the sense of the refugees.

#hrohilft claims:

– immediate registration of all refugees willing to stay in Germany. Fast and equitable asylum procedure. No construction in „good“ and „bad“ refugees.

– implementation of the humanitarian claim: refugees have the right to travel to their families and friends to Scandinavia. No personal data should be collected in this context.

– a sensitive converse with the situation of civil-war-refugees. No armed forces in the interacting with refugees.

– Operators of refugee-accommodations should be associations or institutions. They should always work in the interest of refugees and not act for their own benefits.

– on this purpose we claim the preservation of the voluntary structures. We claim a meeting replacing the action commitee at eye level.

The city of Rostock has not felt the urge to give aid. Hundreds of volunteers have maintained the infrastructure for medical treatment or in giving advice to refugees: translation, welcoming at the train station and in the emergency accommodations, accompanying to and on the ferry. Moreover #hrohilft has maintained the organisation of food supply and accommodation facilities as well as the coordination of all the donations. Briefly: not the city but the voluntary structure of #hrohilft has guaranteed the whole coordination.

#hrohilft claims an immediate conversation with the city of Rostock, the mayor Roland Methling, the social senator Steffen Bockhahn and the finance senator Chris Müller. The city cannot continue to repress #hrohilft and come to decisions over the heads of volunteers. We claim the assurance of representatives of the City to have a meeting with all parties involved until 3pm. There must be a common strategic roadmap on how to continue the cooporation.

– Rostock hilft –

#hrohilft is a platform of countless individuals, associations, and initiatives. Rostock hilft gives aid to refugees in an selforganized and unbureaucratic manner. The welfare and the freedom of movement of the refugees as autonomous individuals is always at first place.

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