English Update and Overview

Thankfully we’ve received a lot of support and help in the past few days. There’s still a a steady flow of refugees coming to Rostock, a lot of them with the intention of traveling on to Sweden (due to Denmark closing off their borders for passing refugees in the north-west of Germany). Even though the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway) agreed to resume their services between Hamburg and Copenhagen on Saturday, due to strict border controls in Denmark we’ll expect more people to arrive in the coming days and weeks. That’s why we still need every helping hand and will continue to do so.

We will need people to accompany refugees on the ferry to Sweden for Sunday and any following days. The journey takes 6 hours one way and accommodation on the ferry and food will be provided. It is extremely important that we find people for that as it is a condition of the shipping company that every group of 75 refugees is accompanied by two helpers. Call 01632714345 if you’re interested to help. We also need people helping with the coordination at the ferry terminal in the next days.

What we need in the refugee hostel in Marienehe/main train station/JAZ (Jugendalterntivzentrum):

Men’s shoes (tied together)
big plastic bowls to wash clothes
pregnancy tests
pillows, blankets, duvets, cushions
washing machines
baby buggies (prams) and strollers
phones (smartphones) or people who can repair them
bags, backpacks
all kinds of food (no pork!), e.g. fruits and veggies, sandwiches, muesli bars etc.
children’s food (no meat) and baby formula, nappies, baby clothes
men’s clothes sorted by size
children’s clothes
warm jackets for women, men and children
all kinds of unopened and unused body products such as soap, shampoo, shavers, shaving cream, body lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper etc.

The list will be updated in the comments and in new posts, but please keep in mind that we only have so many people who can help to sort everything out, so if you’re unsure better ask before bringing anything please.

What we need people for:
interpreters for farsi, arabic, persian, english to german
coordination at ferry terminal
people for the ferry ride
people to stay the night at the hostel in Marienehe (Addresses below)
(Generally we need people everywhere to sort through donations, coordinate new arrivals at the train station, help make food in the hostel, if you have time just come over to any of those places and we will probably find something to do for you – or ask on facebook/email or call us)


„Rostock Hilft“
phone 0163 32714345
mail hrohilft@riseup.net
fb: https://www.facebook.com/hrohilft/
web: http://hrohilft.blogsport.eu/

Refugee hostel Marienehe (former HWBR)

Address: An der Jägerbäk 3, 18069 Rostock

JAZ (Jugendalternativzentrum – for donations)
Lindenstraße 3b
18055 Rostock

Train Station
Hauptbahnhof Rostock
Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 1 18055 Rostock

Thanks to everyone again for all the help we’ve already received! If you have contact to stores, companies etc in Rostock that could help us with bigger amounts of donations, we’d greatly appreciate if you asked them if they wanna help and let us know. It’s always worth a try just going to stores yourself and asking for donations too.

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